my best friend作文 我最好的朋友My Best Friend

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I have many friends, but Jim is one of my best friends. He is not handsome, but kind-hearted. We know each other at primary school. He was the tallest in our class at that time. He is good at study and playing basketball, while bad at playing table tennis. Everytime he has delicious food, he will give it to me. Moreover, whenever I feel sad, he will play with me and comfort me. However, he is not spoilt me. For example, everytime I meet difficulties in study, I would like to copy his, but no matter what I say, he never give his ho羊癫疯发作了该怎么做mework to me to copy. Instead he teaches how to do it. All in all, no matter what difficulties I meet, he will help me. It is him make me realize that a friend in need is a friend indeed.


点评:be good at 和be bad at是一对反义词,前者是擅长于做某事,后者是不擅长于做某事。spoil有溺爱的意思。a friend in need is a friend indeed是一句谚语,患难癫痫可以治愈吗见真情。

Maybe you will surprise that my best friend is book. But you don’t need to suspect you hearing, it’s true, book is my best friend. I like reading since I was a child. The knowledge in the book makes me feel enjoyable and peaceful. When I am unhappy, I will go to find my best friend---book. And then I will forget the the things that make me unhappy and attract by the book’s content. From the book, I learn the story of Helen Keller, I know the history in the ancient times, I also know the culture of for孩子睡着的时候抽搐eign countries that I have never been. Therefore, I think book will be my best friend forever.



Tom is my best friend. Who is he? He is a dog. He is a special dog. My father give him to me at my 10 year birthday. The moment I saw him, I love him. His fur is white. He什么病会引起持续性抽搐 is very lovely. He knows how to make me happy. Everyday when I come back from school, I will play with him. He is also smart. He will drag my quilt if I sleep late. Besides, if my clock doesn’t alarm in the morning, he will bark at me. See, he is so clever that I couldn't help loving him.


点评:sleep late 是睡懒觉的意思。couldn't help 后要接动名词表示禁不住……

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